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ASHÉ was developed in accordance with the vibrant and colourful spiritual tradition of the Brazilian Candomblé. Candomblé is about creating an exchange between people and the gods – called Orishás.

The ultimate goal of Candomblé is Iwá Pele, to be a good person who lives in harmony with his or her destiny.

ASHÉ is a tribute to the ORISHÁS – the forces of nature. They represent the principles of the universe and are carriers of universal energy. The ORISHÁS provide for the inner and outer balance of the human being.


ASHÉ is presented in 18 exclusive perfume compositions. These natural perfume oils transport the joie de vivre, the energy and the wisdom of these elemental forces of nature. They are offered in highly concentrated form as alcohol-free perfumes and can be worn as fragrance or elixir on the skin or on the hair. A few drops are enough for a long-lasting magical experience.


The Orishás are the “gods” of Candomblé and represent the principles of nature. Prayers and dances are dedicated to them, as well as specific foods, herbs and essential oils. It is said that the wearer of these scents would connect with the ashé, the energy, of these gods.

Each of the 18 magical ASHÉ fragrances transports the individual and mystical power of the Orishás in special compositions.


TILO PLÖGER is the founder and owner of the ASHÉ brand. He grew up in Brazil and was initiated into Candomblé as Babalawo – the keeper of the mystery secret. Tilo Plöger is a chemist and business economist and worked for over 25 years as a managing director of international cosmetics companies. In addition to the ASHÉ brand, he is the founder and developer of the natural cosmetics brands SHAMANIC ( and ROSENREICH (
He is also the author of various books on the Brazilian Candomblé tradition.

ANJA RAISER is the co-founder and creative driving force behind ASHÉ, SHAMANIC and ROSENREICH. With almost 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, including as a make-up artist, beauty expert and marketing manager at Manhattan Cosmetics, and her visual know-how, which she developed in her own film production agency SCHOKOLADE, she knows the beauty trends and the wishes of customers and professionals.